Book Design


GOAL: To design a cover and layout for a Quiz Book about Estonia

PROBLEM: Cover needs to be dignified, fresh-looking, eye-catching and a tiny bit playful. Layout of the pages needs to be easily readable.

SOLUTION: Black-and-white symbolizes dignity and sophistication. Minimalism, sans-serif fonts: freshness. Contrast: eye catching. Diagonal pattern of questions: a touch of playfulness. Layout of the pages has a lot of white space to provide the eye with a space to rest amid high number of questions.

Poster Design

EURO 2021

GOAL: Advertising poster for EURO 2021.

PROBLEM: Poster needs to represent the emotion of the competition.

SOLUTION: Representatives of the favourites of the competition displaying passion to win the competition and the trophy. Fire and the contrast between black and light colours bring drama to the composition, representing passion while analogous colours bring unity to the design.

Logo Design


GOAL: To design a logo for international online design school for people with disabilities.

PROBLEM: Logo has to combine main features of the project: international, people of special needs, design as a field of study, online school.

SOLUTION: Shape – round like the globe to symbolize the school’s international nature. Pen – writing-drawing tool to symbolize design as a field of study. Colourful jubilating silhouettes – people with special needs after acquiring new skills to enhance their careers and lives. Different colours signify the uniqueness of each person of special needs and also different nationalities. Color blue, traditionally symbolizing wisdom and knowledge is an appropriate colour to signify school, internet and computers. Emotions of the logo: joy, enthusiasm.

Business Card Design


GOAL: To design a logo and business card for a real estate company.

PROBLEM: Design that speaks to the target audience, represents the company’s values (caregiver, reliable), introduces its services and is modern and is easily readable.

SOLUTION: Red symbolizes caregiver characteristics of the company. Straightforward look of the broker represents the company’s reliable core. Typographic hierarchy makes it easy to perceive the information quickly and clearly.

Magazine Design


GOAL: To design a cover for Advanced Photoshop magazine.

PROBLEM: Composition that highlights the main article about mastering text portrait effects techniques.

SOLUTION: Main article of the magazine is visualized by applying the techniques in question on the cover. Limited colour scheme and contrast highlight the portrait.

Movie Poster Design


GOAL: To design a poster for a movie about a class of graphic designers.

PROBLEM: The design has to represent the characteristics of the class of designers.

SOLUTION: The design reveals the goal-orientedness and confidence of the characters, and readiness for new challenges.

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